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Sunday - Home at last

i am tired and ready to get off the bike!

sunny 75 °F

Well, an uneventful Sunday morning as i travelled south and east towards raleigh. Beautiful scenery in the mountains and finally a warm ride home with NO rain!

I am grateful that the good Lord watched over me and the Kleinhans' on this trip.

I rode about 275 miles for a Grand Total of 2814 trouble-free (except the rain) and safe miles.

As i have on other blogs here is the trip by the numbers:

1 suicided Hummingbird
1 dropped bike (Dale)
1 Island visit (Mackinac)
1 large bridge (Straits of Mackinac)
1 World's largest battery (a pumped water storage hydro battery)
2 Awesome traveling companions Mike and Bonnie
2 friendly cats
2 friendly dogs
3 Post Office pictures
3 nice BnB's
4 little free library pictures
6 States (Virginia, Maryland, PA, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia) both Michigan and Ohio top to bottom and E to W
13 Lighthouses
100's of miles of beautiful Michigan lakeshore
2814 miles

Thank you for perusing this blog, hope it was interesting.

Don't know when my or our next trip will be....hopefully soon

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Saturday....heading for home

can i finally ditch my rain and cold weather gear?

all seasons in one day 70 °F
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Well, all good things have to come to an end and it is time to head for home. I am breaking up the 550 mile trip into two days. Today i left Dayton for Beckley WV. The weather started out kind of misty got warmer than colder and then rain about 8 miles till i got to Beckley (in the mountains so difficult to pull off to change). I got a bit wet but it was around 3 pm so i have plenty of time to dry off till i started my last leg tomorrow.

I passed the Bob Evans farm and on this trip i passed by my brother-in-law and sister in law's university (the University of Ohio), my niece Reilly's (University of Toledo) and my niece Jordan's (BGSU- Big Sue -Bowling Green State University), if i would have only passed by Cinacinnati and UC i would have passed all the colleges attended by my in-laws in Dayton......

I'm glad i did not pass THE Ohio State University since i am a loyal Penn State fan!

As i pulled in to the hotel, another motorcyclist was checking in to get out of the rain....and surprise, surprise they were heading to raleigh as well.....small world....

I got checked in and took a little nap then headed to Chik-Fil-A for dinner.....quelle surprise, i actually got to go in and sit down...first time in over a year at Chik-Fil-A.

I was till a bit hungry so decided to walk over to DQ and get some ice cream. Their dining room was closed so i walked around to their deserted drive thru and asked for a cone.....no love, or ice cream for me. They said they don't serve walkups....with absolutely no one around and 4 people standing around doing nothing....i couldn't get a cone......wow!!!!

I rode about 262 miles today to bring my total to 2539

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Friday goodbye Michigan hello Beth!

Time to head home

overcast 60 °F
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Well up at the BCD (butt crack of dawn) and time to head home. I am traveling to Beth’s sister’s house in Dayton to see Beth who is also visiting. Cold, misty ride but no real rain, thank goodness.

Arrived safe and sound and Beth, her sister and our niece Relly were crafting away so my brother-in-law, Joe took me to a microbrewery to watch the air show practice. We saw the Thunderbirds and other cool aircraft like an F18 and a Corsair. We watched a bunch of maneuvers and heard “ the sound of freedom”. An awesome display of skill.

Went out for dinner and then played cards till it was time to hit the hay

heading for NC tomorrow, i’ll be glad to get home.

330 miles ridden today for a new total of 2277

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Thursday wrapping up the east coast and Lake Huron

More rain early no sun at all

rain 58 °F
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We left Alpena at a leisurely 11am heading south along Lake Huron towards Sanford.

We stopped to see the Alpena lighthouse, nicknamed “Sputnik” if you look at the picture you will know why. I also saw yet another little free library, they are everywhere even 5812 Turner Store Lane thanks to Beth.

We passed the 45th parallel just outside of Alpena, we went thru Omer - the smallest town in Michigan. lake huron was a beautiful sea green color yesterday before we got to thunder bay. today just a normal dark blue because it is overcast.

Our last lighthouse to see was at Sturgeon Point. They also had an old one room schoolhouse and lifesaving station. Many of the 10,000 ships lost on the Great Lakes were lost in Thunder Bay in fairly shallow water.

The rain finally let up and the temp finally rose enough for us to shed some gear so we continued on to Sanford and our BnB by the “lake”.

You may wonder why I put quotes around lake and it is an interesting story: last May two dams failed on Tittabawassee river. One formed Wixom lake and the other Sanford lake. The failure was caused by too much rain and overflow and sluice gates not large enough to discharge sufficient water to lower the water level. The owner of the dams had been warned. 1000’s of people had to be evacuated and the result is our “lake” house had steps down to a muddy bank, with the River yards away and of course no more lake. The other bank was 200 yards from its previous spot. So much for life on the lake!
the really interesting part of this story is that it was told to us by an older gentleman we met at Sault Ste Marie, he started talking about the locks and we told him where we were heading and when we mentioned Sanford he started this story and then said he lived there all his life and saw the dam built and the lake formed. he was almost 80.

we had dinner in Midland where HH Dow started Dow chemical company. a beautiful small-town with a very nice pedestrian mall with shoppes and restaurants. Dow was very good to the town.

we rode about 125 miles today. this is the last michigan sightseeing day. i am headed to Dayton to see Beth and my brother and sister in law. then on back to Raleigh. stay tuned for more as i travel towards home.

New mileage total 1947

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Wednesday Island hopping via boat and the heavens opened

Rain rain go away, at least till next Monday!

rain 55 °F
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Today started with rain, ended with cold and a lot more rain…..not the best but we made do.

we left the little house in Levering after breakfast headed back to Mackinaw City and the ferry to Mackinac Island. The ferry ride was about 30 minutes and a there are no poser vehicles on the island. A million bikes, draft horses and carriages and a ton of horse manure. Harks back to the pre automobile era, instead of the smell of petroleum…..horse…..

the island has about 500 families year round and a bazillion tourists. Beautiful houses and hotels including the world famous Grand Hotel. Mostly Victorian architecture, tourist traps, fudge, ice cream an caramel corn shoppes, a few restaurants and taverns. Quaint and very walkable. The island was the center of the fur trade as is where John Jacob Astor started his fortune (at the time he was the richest man in the US).

the Grand Hotel costs about $1100 a night for a plain room with a two night minimum. Add on taxes and the resort fee and you will drop $2800 just to have a roof over your head for 2 nights.. you must dress for dinner and ladies cannot wear slacks. Non guests must pay $10 just to look around the hotel they have 2 nine hole golf courses and much Hoity -toityness but a beautiful hotel with great views.

we got steadily wetter and still had 90 some miles to ride in the rain so we took the ferry back got our bikes, gassed up and slogged the 94 miles to Alpena. We did NOT pass go nor collect $200. We just toughed it out and arrived safely in Alpena. We did not want to ride any longer so we ate at the hotel and took advantage of the pool, hot tub and sauna! Our spirits were revived for tomorrow’s ride to Sanford.

Took a bunch of pictures today some you have to read the signs to get the history of the island.

Only 105 difficult, cold rainy miles today for a total of 1822

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